Decision Making

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How To Decide

How to decide...

Decisions that make a difference are a considerable problem that confuses many people.

But no matter what you want in life, you need to take the information available and decide, which is how you move forward.

The faster you can make decisions, collect feedback, and correct courses if needed - the quicker you will get to your goals.

The real problem with indecision is that you get nowhere if you don’t decide.

Most likely, you don't have sufficient data if you can’t decide.

But we all live not knowing the future, so we can’t have all the information all the time. And here is why…

Remember how often you thought about making a decision and were not ready to move to the left or the right because of an unknown future?

And you are not alone in this… But when you are not making a decision, negative feedback is created that you can be unaware of.

So, it is not always possible to make the right decisions.

That's why the best we can do is to make the best decision or solve the problem in the best way possible now and then look at the feedback and understand what can be improved.

So to become a true journaling wizard of this pillar, you will need to adopt a “win or learn” mindset:



  • If you make a wrong decision, you learn a lesson for life.
  • And if you made the right decision, you got your result.
  • If you don’t decide, you have not moved anywhere.

After you have learned your lesson, collect the available information and make your next best move.


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