Get a Big Burst of Qualified Leads as a Contributor in “Personal Growth 2.0 Giveaway”

Do you want in on the HOTTEST list-building

opportunity in the Personal Growth Space? 

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Participation in a giveaway costs $1,

and it requires commitment from you.


Please read Organizing Rules

of The Event Before Applying 

Collaborative giveaways are a "hustle-free" way to grow your email list …

… by using other contributors' warm traffic, you grow your list with friendly leads…

… with people who are interested in your service/gift. 

It can bring to each contributor 100 - 500 opt-ins or more. 

The number of email opt-ins contributors receive can vary depending on the Giveaway:

1. From the attractiveness of your gift to this Giveaway 

2. From other contributors that participate and from their participation and their number. 

3. And other factors...

While we can't guarantee you a particular number of new email subscribers, 

we guarantee to organize the event in the best way possible so that each participant gets the maximum results.


If you want to see an example of a giveaway we organized in the past, you can follow this link: 

Example of feedback from the previous participant:



Contributors need to have an ACTIVE email list of at LEAST 3000 people.

Please don't apply if you have a smaller email list OR if you have not emailed people for a long time! 

There is a reason for it: you will most likely not be able to drive enough people to Giveaway, and other participants will not be happy.


This Giveaway runs from:

5 to 26 February 2024. 


The contributor promotional period runs from 5 to 23 February 2024

(NOTE: In the last 3 days, when the Giveaway is still open, partners don't promote the Giveaway.) 

This Giveaway hosts only committed contributors ...

... which means they are dedicated to mutually beneficial cooperation:



How it Works:


During 3 weeks, from 5 to 26 February 2024, participants opt-in to the Giveaway site, which serves as a hub to access the contributor gifts.

Participants then opt-in to individual contributor sites to receive their gifts. 

The contributor gifts should be downloadable or on-demand (nothing live or live-seeming). 

Gifts that work best are eBooks, templates, checklists,  blueprints, guides, mini-courses, and other resources relevant to the topics of: 

Personal Growth: 1. Mindset 2. Productivity 3. Increasing Performance 4. Success 

(Should be a FREE downloadable or on-demand gift on a topic related to

mindset, mindfulness,

productivity, working with beliefs,

time management, decision-making, 

goal setting, mental and emotional endurance,

emotional regulation, confidence, meditation, journaling,

self-esteem, dealing with failure, improving communication,

leadership, etc.)


Your participation perfectly matches this Giveaway if your email list is built around growth-oriented people like: 

Entrepreneurs, businesspeople, startups, digital creators, knowledge workers, freelancers, spirituality, manifestation... 

Examples of gifts that are NOT relevant to the topic of this Giveaway are: 

Weight loss, dating, playing music, marketing, copywriting, business, negotiation, etc...  


Once the Giveaway opens on 5 February, contributors will begin promoting the giveaway site, and people will start opting in for contributors' gifts. 

So you will receive a flow of new qualified leads throughout the three weeks of the Giveaway. 

 The minimum number of opt-ins you need to send

to the Giveaway is 100 email opt-ins.

You can do it using 1, 2, 3, or more email broadcasts

to your email list and social media from 5-23 February. 

You can participate as a Silver Level Contributor, which includes getting your gift featured on the Giveaway site and receiving opt-ins throughout the promotion. 

To qualify for a Silver feature, you must refer at least 150 opt-ins from warm traffic (primarily through dedicated emails to your list).

If you have a more substantial promotional reach and want to ramp up your visibility and results from this Giveaway, you'll want to participate as a Gold Level Contributor. 

Your gift will be featured higher up on the Giveaway site, which means more leads are coming your way, and we'll promote your gift in one of the "Top Gifts to Get" emails we send to the Giveaway participants. 

You must refer at least 200 opt-ins from warm traffic (primarily through dedicated emails to your list) to qualify for the Gold feature. 

A few things to note about timing your promotions:

  1. The first dedicated email you send to your complete list about the Giveaway must go out during the first week of promotions:  5 - 11 February 2024

  2. The sooner you schedule your promotions, the better for you...

Our website will rank contributors' gifts on a giveaway webpage based on how many opt-ins their owners have referred to the Giveaway. 

So, meeting your promotional commitments early gives you more time for increased visibility and traffic. 

If you need to begin promoting the Giveaway later in the period, I will consider your request for an exception. Just let me know, and we'll discuss it. 

"Warm traffic" primarily includes dedicated emails to your list.

You may supplement with organic social media marketing. 

However, we do not allow contributors to meet their promotional commitment through cold or ad-based traffic. 

To sum up: 

  • 100 email opt-ins minimum.
  • 150 email opt-ins silver.
  • 200 email opt-ins gold.



The number of participants is limited

(who came first joins first)

We don't accept applications after the deadline.


How to Apply?

If all the requirements match your possibilities and wishes and you are ready to participate ...

Then make sure that: 

You are committed to answering our emails regarding your participation in a giveaway & you will EMAIL your list as many times as needed to meet requirements of at least 100 opt-ins or silver or gold level if you want those levels...

If you have questions before applying, please contact and put "Giveaway Question" in the subject line.

The application process is quick and can be done by you in 20-30 minutes, and it costs


Both Payment and Filling Compleat Application is Required

We value your time, so let's make it as simple as possible, ok?

Steps to apply:

All communication is done using EMAIL only.

  1. Pay $1 using PayPal using this link     

  2. Please put your NAME in the comments when you pay so we know who you are.

  3. Then, fill in the application below.

  4. We will receive your payment and info from the application form, process it, and add it to a giveaway landing page. We will write to the EMAIL address you provide in the form below to inform you that your gift is added to the Giveaway. 

  5. If we have questions, we will write to you; if you have questions before applying and it is NOT answered on this page, please write to 

  6. Then, your gift will be visible on a landing page. You will say to us if you approve it: images/text, etc.

  7. After your gift is approved and added, we will send you email swipes and your unique referral link to the Giveaway, which you can use to promote the Giveaway to your email list or social media. In this way, you will need to do minimum work. 

  8. Plan to promote Giveaway in your calendar and schedule emails. 


IMPORTANT. If you committed to the Giveaway and for some reason not discussed before, we will notice that from 5 - 11 February 2024, you will not send any traffic to the Giveaway. Then, we reserve the right to remove your gift from the Giveaway for not following the main rule.







I dive deep into the inner game of creators and entrepreneurs to help them with the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction.
To accomplish this, I develop interactive online transformational experiences: quests, adventures, challenges, and guides.
Unlike books or usual courses, these trainings use my NarrateLearning™ method (step-by-step narrative learning approach) to learn decision-making,
problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious,
raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity,
mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.

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