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The ThinkGym Method has a lot to do with doing exercises in a journal, like answering questions, completing sentence stems, brainstorming, making lists, etc.

But let's say I have a procrastination problem, someone else there in the world also has it, or even he doesn't have this exact problem but has worries about a lot of things, or he is not confident or simply wants to achieve some goal.

It can be a lonely situation...

Instead of just sitting along with a challenge, finding coaches, or only reading books, you can find a partner with whom you can collaborate and help each other solve problems and grow one-on-one.

It is like a potential friendship, but not something casual.

This partner would also like to achieve more and procrastinate less with some similar or different goal.

I have some strengths and weaknesses, and so does the other side - together, we can help each other.

You and your partner decide how collaboration would be done.

Some of the ideas: 

  • you can keep each other accountable, 
    ask for support from or propose help to your partner,
  • track and establish new beneficial habits together,
  • journal together about some particular pillars of ThinkGym, 


Here are the basic rules and guidelines of how partnerships work:

  • You can have multiple partners for different pillars you want to work on or even a few partners for working on the same pillar. The same is about your partner.
  • You write a description of what kind of partner(s) you are looking for and describe what you are ready to help with (something you are successfully helping yourself with). Be precise so other people can easily decide if it is a good idea to partner with you.
  • Here is an example of a description:

Hi, my name is Marta, and I want to find a partner to work on my anxiety issues in different social situations. I am searching for someone to share some events when I experience a lot of stress, especially in my workplace. External feedback and support from a partner would be appreciated to go through these challenges. I would like to share my journal entries about this topic with my partner. In exchange, I would be happy to help my future partner to keep her accountable for going to any of her goals and be more productive - that's what I am coping with very well. Email, Facebook, and Discord are the best ways to contact me. 

  • You select someone you like from their description, and if she also likes your description and what you want to work on, then you join into a pair.
  • You can communicate with your partner the best way you want through chat messengers, phone/video calls, or even meet in person if possible.
  • Your pair is formed to the moment it is beneficial to both - it can be for a week, a month, a few months, a year, or it can turn into a long friendship.
  • If communication doesn't work, you can choose other partners and break the partnership without feeling guilty.
  • Nobody manages and is responsible for your partnership, only you and your partner. You and your partner agree to what personal information disclosed between partners can be or not shared with others.

You can start using the Journaling Partners service here: 


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