How To Grow Performance, Effectiveness of Your Thinking, and Self-Awareness To Overcome Life and Business Obstacles Easier Using a Unique Transformational "Mindset Journaling Writing" System



What Is Journaling Alchemy Adventure?


Dear friend,

Journaling Alchemy is a shortcut to cultivating the bulletproof mindset necessary to achieve desired results and overcome INVISIBLE obstacles on the path to your success


I used to struggle with underachieving in many life areas, and it was not about how smart or productive I was…

In fact, my IQ is above average, and I could work from early morning till night…

… still, I could not overcome obstacles on my path to my business and personal life goals…

… unfortunately, the more intelligent I become, the further I get from my dreams…


After years of struggling, I realized that it was not about how many things I knew

but about how I use my mind and how I see the world…


I realized that, like with most people, my brain processes 5-10% of information and events around me, and the rest is UNAWARENESS…

Try the following small experiment, and I will show it to you…



This tendency leads to shortcuts in thinking activities, causing poor decisions, inability to overcome life challenges, not achieving goals, and struggling…


It all started changing after I practiced journaling…

… However, it also did not happen immediately…

… because, like many people, I first used journaling only as a diary keeping…

Only after I trained myself to use it to improve my thinking and self-awareness did the results shift in my life as well…


That’s why I decided to help other creative people with insights I gained… 

… and I crafted this program for entrepreneurs, creators, and knowledgeable workers who know what to do, heard all the productivity advice but are still tired from not getting the desired results…


It is a mind-shifting training that goes under the hood of your performance and thinking and shows you new ways of looking at your problems, challenges with communication…

helps you to train to see things as they are, face the truth, shift your perspectives, and become more objective and self-aware in as little as 15-20 minutes a day…



Objective thinking and self-awareness are the most critical and influential distinctions between high and low performance in life and business

They are barely taught in schools and universities because they are meta-skills about HOW and not WHAT to think

That's why one of the main characteristics of ultra-successful people like millionaires and billionaires is that they are more objective than other people

… in other words, they are closer to understanding and seeing reality than others.


The good news is that they trained themselves in this and were not born with it, nor are they more intelligent…

… this is a skillset, and you can train these skills as well, as I did, and continue doing


In ancient times, alchemy was a transformation of simple metals into gold…

… in our context, alchemy means an internal transformation of the thinking process …

which leads to different outcomes in life and business…



This alchemy process uses journaling practice because putting thoughts on paper is the most powerful way of sharpening thinking, proven by everyone from psychologists to scientists and influential people

… but this transformation is not only about changing the quality of thinking but also how you feel calmer during your actions when facing problems and challenges or simply working on your projects…


You go from UNCERTAINTY to more CERTENTITY….

… it works this way thanks to new UNDERSTANDINGS and INSIGHTS you acquire when going through the adventure…

… it is done through the process of SELF-REFLECTION and finding answers to the questions you can only see inside of you, not in a book, coach, mentor, or social media…


During my journaling experience over the last 9+ years, I discovered and created these practices that helped me train my thinking and do projects that I would not be able to do otherwise…

I believe these journaling practices will help you like they helped me


In this journaling interactive program, there are:

  • More than 27 deep life-changing journaling practices,
  • More than 27 mind-shifting video lessons to understand the thinking behind the journaling practices,  
  • More than 10 gift practical video lessons on organizing and writing in a journal and making it a habit 


All this is delivered using engaging stories, metaphors, and examples to help you put what you learn into PRACTICE in your life… 

This program will be transformational for you if you have not journaled at all and if you have journaled a lot before …

The only thing is that what you DO with this knowledge and how fast you will apply it to change your life is UP TO YOU…


Don’t take as long as I did to discover all these tools for better thinking and performance and change your life... 

I'll PROVE it to you once you go through your adventure

… I am not asking you to “believe” me…

Just try it…

If I am wrong, all you have lost is a FEW minutes entering your info and clicking a few buttons, plus you will get your money back…

But what if I am right?





How It Will Help You

Become your own coach and mentor by tapping into your inner wisdom using powerful journaling exercises and tools.
Bring more focus and self-awareness into your life, bringing more peace and confidence in what you do.
Improve relationships with others and how you relate with yourself by reflecting on your past and present relationships.
Understand your inner motivations on a deeper level to get more fuel for your pursuits and be your best friend.
Live a more authentic life that is in harmony with what you want. In this way, live YOUR life and not someone else's story.
Increase your overall performance and satisfaction with what you do by being your authentic self and going your own path
Bring more consciousness to your goals and aspirations, in this way, make your achievement smoother
Create a consistent journaling habit that will help you to stay in touch with your inner wisdom
Find more strength in yourself to overcome adverse events, reflect and reframe them in a positive way for yourself, and learn from them. In this way, continuously acquire wisdom from your experience.



Journaling Alchemy Adventure

Turn on The Sound🔊


The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need To Go From UNCERTAINTY, build a Bulletproof Mindset, and Sharpen Your Thinking For Overcoming Obstacles on Your Path

I have put everything I’ve learned, everything I use myself, in this 27 steps experience so that you can learn
from my mistakes and my struggles...

... as well as benefitting from all the time, effort, and experiments that have gone
into learning how to raise personal performance...

 establish effective thinking and self-awareness for understanding yourself and others on a deep level ...

... and all that made its way into this program.

27 Steps 20-30 Days 1 System
Practical exercises.
Tackling root causes.
Concise HOWTO instructions with examples.
Everything you need to know to implement advice during the 27 steps and apply everything to your life.  Do what I outline and create a bulletproof mindset for overcoming life and business obstacles.






Step 1

Cultivating Self-awareness

Learn the mindset behind cultivating self-awareness using journaling…

… understand how journaling for self-awareness can facilitate your growth…

… and why self-awareness is critical for learning and evolving in life, and how journaling self-reflection exercises can help you to develop it … 

Step 2

Turning Problems into Solutions Mind-shift


Discover how to instantly turn any problems into solutions

This reframing exercise will shift your perspective and help you look at the problems differently... 

You can literally start laughing in the face of your problems after this… 

… this will make you spend less time ruminating and more time on solving problems quicker or completely illuminating them from your life…

Step 3

Releasing Past and Embracing Change


Learn how to become aware of the stories that hold you back and leave these past stories where they belong: behind you…

Then, understand how to embrace and cope with a constantly changing, unpredictable life and find strength in this …

After that, prepare your mindset to reflect on how you can find the inner strength and power to adapt and thrive with new stories that will shape your life…

Step 4

Crafting Your World Exercise


Learn to do this “4-square” visual journaling exercise, where you just need to draw 4 squares

… this process will help you craft your dream life and goal for the nearest time in several minutes... 

… once you can return to this simple exercise repeatedly, it will help you clarify your goals that, with execution, will become a reality you are living… 

Step 5

Shifting Expectations Practice


Find out how to do the “Shifting Expectations” exercise, which will help you gain a healthy dose of hope and motivation whenever needed...

… once you practice this mind shift in your journal or just in your mind…

… you will be able to look at each opportunity from a different perspective

… which will bring more positivity and new results in your life

Step 6

Reflecting on Your Life Road


Do the “Your Life Road” visual journaling exercise at least once, and you will see your life objectively from a high-level perspective

…this will bring you peace, clarity, and “connect dots” of your life events…

…by the way, no matter your age, you have a lot of events behind you…

…and this exercise will help you integrate them into your present self... 

...once you ponder just for 15 minutes on this practice, you will get a lot of inner peace from looking at your own life path...

Step 7

Power of Gratitude Writing


Discover and understand how to practice gratitude writing and why it is an essential tool for self-awareness & life satisfaction…

… also, more than 15 questions will help you write about what you are grateful for…

… plus, several powerful stories will help you internalize the importance of cultivating gratitude by giving you examples…    

Step 8

Tracking your Wins Practice


Once you start using the “Wins Writing” exercise and write short winning sentences… 

… they will facilitate more awareness about your growth in different spheres of life…

… in addition, this will help you to attract more victories and self-motivation for further achievments.   

Step 9

Shifting The Way You Relate


Use this 5-step relationship reflection exercise to help you arm yourself with x-ray vision abilities to help you clearly understand why people react the way they do

… then how to answer them correctly and understand your reactions better… 

All this self-awareness will help you find more peace and enjoyment in your relationships…

Step 10

Flow Writing Technique


Once you see how to use the flow writing technique, it will allow you to express your ideas, moods, and feelings …

… and even write helpful content for your work and business

… by the way, all this is without tension and instead in spontaneous self-expression of your flow of consciousness… 

Step 11

Reframing Emotional Events


Find out how to use the “Reframing Emotional Events” exercise to help you look at emotionally challenging situations from a position of deeper understanding and acceptance

… this reflection exercise will help you integrate learnings from past events into your current self-awareness…

… all this will make you wiser and prepare you to handle similar challenging circumstances robustly…

Step 13

Living Your Authentic Story Practice


Once you discover how to create the authentic story you want to live that is aligned with you using the “Living Your Authentic Story” exercise… 

… it will help you to go to wherever you want in life faster

… it works because of the precise way you will write your vision that your subconscious understands … 


What Is Unique About Journaling Alchemy Adventure


Difference #1

Go Through Engaging NarrateLearning™ Experience

Each adventure step is not a “dry learning” of lessons but a journey you will take with several characters who overcome the challenges and go through the adventure by learning a lot about themselves, transforming, and growing - all while journaling... 

I call this way of learning a NarrateLearning™…

This engaging learning format I created is a story about a young entrepreneur, John, who traveled to a village unlike any other – Giethoorn, nestled in the heart of the Netherlands...

He is going through his journaling quest and is mentored by a wise mentor, Merlin the Wizard ...

He meets a beautiful barista, Ann, a girl of his dreams whom he helps save from an evil gangster. 

This learning format is engaging, fun, and enjoyable… 

… it will not make you bored with the traditional learning method of watching plain tutorial videos…

… instead, go through and become a part of a mini-novel that will keep you engaged. 


Difference #2

Start practicing and immediately applying what you are learning

When you go through each of the steps of adventure, you will have micro-actions you will need to take, like writing answers to the question, writing your thoughts, taking a small quiz, or uploading a photo of a task. 

All this is specifically designed so you apply what you have learned and not just consume information.

It is not a bare theory like videos on YT, Udemy, etc., 

… but the application of new insights in real life.

Difference #3

Receive Feedback and Support From Real Humans (not AI) during your journey

While each step's video and text content is concise and actionable…

… it is normal when you have some questions to apply it to real life 

(which is the goal of this adventure).

That's why you can ask questions related to going through the steps and get an answer from an actual human (me) in text format and apply it to your concrete situation.


Difference #4

Experience Built-in Accountability To Complete Adventure and Apply Your Learning

Journaling Alchemy Adventure works in a step-by-step accountability format…

This means it differs from a set of videos in a usual learning portal.

To unlock the next step, complete the previous one, do exercises, and then move to the next one.   

Each step is based on the previous…

You can customize the best time for learning material, and the system will help you go through the material with reminders and accountability.



Difference #5

Gamified and Engaging

Once you go through training, you receive medals, unlock treasures, and get diamonds...

All this makes your learning experience fun, exciting, and not as boring as in usual video courses.



Here Is Everything You Are Getting With Your Journaling Alchemy Adventure:


  • 27 Journaling Practices for Taking Your Mindset On the Next Level

  • 27 Mind-Shifting Insights For Self-Awareness and Reflection

  • 10 Bonus Video Lessons Of Mastering Journaling Habit

  • Built-in Support From a Human Expert (not AI)

  • Automatic Accountability To Follow Through

  • Fun And Engaging "NarrativeLearning" Experience

Grow Your Performance, Effectiveness of Your Thinking, and Self-Awareness To Overcome Life and Business Obstacles Easier By Investing In Your Most Precious Resource: MINDSET $290

🏆 You will love experience of going through Journaling Alchemy Adventure or will get your money back during 30 days after making purchase



Here is What Else You Discover Going Through The Steps of Your Transformational Journaling Experience 

Step 14

Reflecting on Adverse Event Practice


Learn how to use the 3-step “Reflecting on an Event writing” exercise that lets you objectively look at what is happening in your life and think critically… 

… this exercise is excellent when a disturbing or unusual event occurs…

… or when you feel emotionally shaken or just thinking about the event all the time.

Step 15

Create a Relationships MindShift


Uncover a “Relationships Mind-shift” exercise that will help you to dive deep into your inner world and look at how you relate with others from different perspectives... 

… as a result, this simple exercise will help you prosper in your relationships and feel more satisfaction…

… in addition, it will help you come to peace with people who did you something wrong.

Step 17

My Life As an Actor Practice


Experience the “My Life As An Actor” exercise that will help you look at your life story objectively, see where you're too attached to your story, and reflect on your authenticity... 

… after this exercise, you can look at your current identity from a fresh perspective and make needed changes

Step 18

Facing Mortality Exercise


By doing the “Facing Mortality” exercise, you will get complete clarity on what is truly important in your life and what is not

… this clarity will help you to remove internal and external distractions towards your dream life and fuel you with lots of motivation for ACTION.

Step 20

Morning and Evening Journaling Ritual


When you use this simple journal writing explained in this step to access ideas and thoughts from your subconscious in the morning and evening… 

… it will help you solve problems faster and solve them creatively

… and also allow you to set yourself up for success using journaling in the morning and evening

Step 21

Detecting and Breaking Old Patterns Exercise


Once you discover how to use a simple but powerful “Detecting and Breaking Old Patterns” exercise... 

… you become more aware of patterns of the subconscious mind that keep people repeating the same actions and reacting in an identical way as always… 

… then you will learn how to change them on new behaviors…

Step 23

Connecting With Your Higher Self Exercise


Experiment with the “Connecting With Your Higher Self” writing exercise that will help you to enter a state without the general limitations of regular waking consciousness…

… and enter a state where you see yourself from a higher perspective

… from a state of greater clarity about your life, what to do best, what not to do, how to solve problems in the best way possible…

Step 24

Weekly and monthly reflection


Learn to reflect weekly on your work, performance, events, and current situation to help you understand what to improve…

what to change in life and stay aware and effective

… by the way, to help you do that, I prepared more than 18 vital questions you can choose from for your reflection, with detailed explanations and examples... 

Step 25

Eliminating Binary Thinking Experience


Once you start using the 3 steps of the “Remove Binary Opposites” exercise, it will help you first discover… 

… and then start doing things that are usually not typical for you but are necessary for your growth and development

…so it will help you expand your comfort zone, and as a result, it will create different outcomes from activities in your business and life... 

Step 26

Go With A Stream: Embrace the Natural Flow


Once you learn the “Go With A Stream” exercise and its philosophy, you will know how to remove unnecessary friction from life…

… and instead, start using the power of natural event streams that will help you get to your goals with less effort 



Grow Your Performance, Effectiveness of Your Thinking, and Self-Awareness To Overcome Life and Business Obstacles Easier By Investing In Your Most Precious Resource: MINDSET $290

🏆 You will love experience of going through Journaling Alchemy Adventure or will get your money back during 30 days after making purchase


Here are the Gifts Included with Journaling Alchemy Adventure to Facilitate Your Mindset Transformation

In addition to the main mind-shifting journaling practices, you will get 10+ gift videos and text lessons that will help you establish a consistent journaling habit as a pro. 


Gift 1

Why Journal? Non-Obvious Journaling Benefits

You will discover 6 journaling benefits and how they will positively influence your life when you journal consistently. You will also see how I started journaling and how it became a turning point in my personal growth. 

Gift 2

Establishing a Proper Mindset For Your Journaling

Many people have heard about the benefits of journaling, yet they started and stopped... Why? Because they had no proper mindset in place for journaling. And you will learn this simple mindset that will become 

Gift 3

How To Choose a Journal For The Best Results and tools for writing in journaling?

Many people don't know the simple criteria for selecting the proper journal for their needs, and in this chapter, you will discover a few insights about how to select a journal and writing tools that suit your needs.

Gift 4

How to Split and Organize Your Journal for Best Convenience

When you write a lot in a journal and do not organize it properly for some time, it can become disorganized, and it would be difficult to find something there. That's why you will discover 2 simple methods of organizing your journal: dividing it into parts or using a tagging approach.

Gift 5

Organizing the Front and Back Cover of Your Journal

The front and back cover of your journal are very important parts of the real estate of your journal. You will learn a few great ideas of what to write there, so each time you open a journal, you can see reminders that will help you on the way to your growth.

Gift 6

What is the Best Environment For Journaling?

At first glance, the physical place where you are journaling is not so important, but there are a few insights you need to know that will help you to understand how to leverage the place where you are journaling for your benefit.

Gift 7

Two Best Times in the Day to Journal

You can journal whenever you want, but I will explain to you the 2 best times in the day for journaling, and what to journal about exactly at these times so you reap the most benefits.

Gift 8

How To Find Time For Journaling

If you find yourself having no time for journaling because you are very busy, and it will become an obstacle to your journaling, then this chapter will show you how to remove gray clouds of absent time for your journaling so you can easily incorporate this habit into your life.

Gift 9

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend Journaling?

Here, you will receive a clear answer to your question that will show you how to find a balance and not to be guilty about not writing or writing too much in a journal.

Gift 10

How to Establish Journaling Habit and Be Consistent

You will see a simple process that you can follow step by step that will help to establish a consistent journaling habit. The good news is that it does not require a lot of effort or willpower. Instead, I will show you how to make it an enjoyable habit.


About Product Creator

Alex Zozovsky is a computer scientist, neuroscience researcher, entrepreneur, and mentor. 

He is also an award-winning web designer on a journey of continuous personal development.  

He aims to help many creators and entrepreneurs improve their lives and minds using proven thinking tools.

He has been journaling for more than 8 years.

He dives deep into the inner game of creators and entrepreneurs to help them with the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction. 

To accomplish this, he develops interactive online transformational experiences: quests, adventures, challenges, and guides. 

Unlike books or usual courses, these trainings use my NarrateLearning™ method (step-by-step narrative learning approach) to learn decision-making, problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious, raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity, mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.


How Your Learning Experience Looks Like

You get access to 27 steps of the adventure and gift lesson you unlock along the way.
An adventure has a mission you follow to your goal: build a bulletproof mindset for overcoming life and business obstacles and rise to selfawerness.
You can request feedback from an actual human being about going through the exercises of each step if you need help.
Each step can contain all or some of the following elements: a mind-shift journaling exercise (in video or text format), questions for journaling reflection for the current step, action to take, etc
You unlock the next step after completing the previous one
You recessive a key from the step to your email when is the most convenient for you
Each email with a key has an exciting story that will help you follow the quest and stay engaged in discovering each of the steps
When you complete steps and take action, you unlock treasures with gift lessons

Grow Your Performance, Effectiveness of Your Thinking, and Self-Awareness To Overcome Life and Business Obstacles Easier By Investing In Your Most Precious Resource: MINDSET $290

🏆 You will love experience of going through Journaling Alchemy Adventure or will get your money back during 30 days after making purchase

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Q: What if I have a trip or vacation, or family emergency?
Q: I have More Questions

Grow Your Performance, Effectiveness of Your Thinking, and Self-Awareness To Overcome Life and Business Obstacles Easier By Investing In Your Most Precious Resource: MINDSET $290

🏆 You will love experience of going through Journaling Alchemy Adventure or will get your money back during 30 days after making purchase

 I dive deep into the inner game of creators and entrepreneurs to help them with the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction. To accomplish this, I develop interactive online transformational experiences: quests, adventures, challenges, and guides. Unlike books or usual courses, these trainings use my NarrateLearning™ method (step-by-step narrative learning approach) to learn decision-making, problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious, raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity, mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.

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