Take Control Of Your Thinking And Growth Once And For All Using The Power of Journaling


If you have heard about the MAGIC power of journaling or have already started making first records...

And have many unanswered questions about the journaling process that make you stop...

Or you want to discover hidden journaling secrets not lying on the surface that can QUADRUPLE your journaling experience ...

... then this book is what you NEED

Look no FURTHER…

Here are some of the secrets you will find inside on its pages:

  • Thinking Time In a Journaling Challenge - will help you to understand how to ask yourself and answer crucial questions that will move you forward (page 57)
  • What is the Best Environment For Journaling? (page 40)
  • How to Establish Journaling Habit and Be Consistent - I will show you insights on how to make journaling your consistent habit as brushing teeth (page 52)
  • Establishing a Proper Mindset For Your Journaling (page 27)
  • Reframing Emotional Events - will help you to process the challenging situations and learn the required lessons to be stronger next time (page 72)
  • Organizing the Front and Back Cover of Your Journal (page 36)
  • Flow Writing Challenge - will help you to dump your thoughts and create content for your business or work (page 69)
  • Two Best Times in the Day to Journal (page 42)
  • Bonus Guide on Coaching Yourself in a Journal To Increase Your Self-Esteem (page 76)
  • How Much Time Do I Need to Spend Journaling? (page 39)


In this guide, I share lessons learned from more than 8 YEARS of my journaling experience!

As well as journaling insights I tested from the planet's most REMARKABLE minds living now or already gone...

Look, all the most incredible people in the world, such as

A. Einstein,

Nicola Tesla,

Leonardo Davinchi,

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Bill Gates journaled…

And this is not a coincidence...

Journaling can be your POCKET SIZE COACH and FRIEND ...

Always waiting for you to share and help you to reflect on your thoughts...

Your wins and struggles...

Your plans and ideas...

And it is always there to calm you down...

... help you to understand whatever is going on in your life.

To look at yourself from a DIFFERENT perspective...

Looking at yourself with fresh eyes is always beneficial...

... especially when you want to change something, grow, and reach new heights! 

This book is a COMPLETE journaling guide where I shine a light on some of the topics as:

  • How To Find Time For Journaling (page 45)
  • One Line or Word Journal Challenge - will help you to establish a journaling habit even if you do not have enough time for this or it was difficult for you to journal consistently before (page 71)
  • 55 Smart Questions for Thinking Time In a Journal Challenge - will help you with prompts you can ask yourself weekly to reflect on your progress and improve (page 62)
  • How To Choose a Journal For The Best Results? (page 30)
  • Why Journal? My Story and Non-Obvious Journaling Benefits. (page 19)
  • Journaling Questions To Improve My Life (page 63)
  • Journaling Questions To Increase My Focus (page 64)
  • How to Split and Organize Your Journal for Best Convenience (page 32)
  • Journaling Questions To Improve My Performance (page 65)
  • Journaling Questions To Increase My Income (page 65)
  • Gratitude and Wins Challenge - will help you to be in peace of mind and train your brain to win and see the positive in your daily tasks(page 66)
  • Journaling Questions To Improve My Relationships (page 63)
  • Bonus Guide on Coaching Yourself To Beat Procrastination Using Journaling (page 76)
  • Bonus Guide on Coaching Yourself in a Journal To Cope With Anxiety (page 76)


You will also discover gratitude journaling, flow writing, 50+ SMART journaling questions, thinking in a journal challenge, and access to a community of like-minded friends worldwide!

And on top of these secrets, you will build your own EXPERIENCE and WISDOM by practicing journaling for better thinking and more substantial control of your life.

See you inside the guide!


Alex Zozovsky

 I dive deep into the inner game of creators and entrepreneurs to help them with the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction. To accomplish this, I develop & teach the ThinkGym™ Journaling Method for decision-making, problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious, raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity, mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.

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