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How to Stop Listening To Naysayers


Two brothers were playing in the forest…

… one of them was smaller, 6 years old, and 

the other bigger brother was 10 years old.

They were so fascinated by the game …

that did not notice a well near the bush…

…and the bigger brother falls into that deep well.

Very worried about his older brother, the smaller brother

… started to cry for help, but no one was around!

The small brother thought about how he could help 

and found a rope with a bucket near the well…

Without hesitation, he took that rope and the bucket 

…and threw into the well to pull his brother out.

The older brother took the rope 

and just in 5 minutes putting all his power

…a smaller brother pulled his biger brother from the well!

They were so happy! 

And they ran very fast into the village to tell people 

how lucky they were and what happened to them!

To their surprise, no one believed their story!!!


Because people asked: 

“How it can be that a small tiny child can pull almost twice as bigger 

and heavier child out of the well?”

Boys went from person to person, and everyone 

said the same, and no one could believe them …

… But those people in the village were very interested in how can that be…

So they decided to visit the wisest person in the village 

and ask him that question.

When the wise man listened to the story of two brothers, he smiled 

and said nothing …

Then one of the people asked him: 

“How can a small tiny child pull almost twice heavier and heavier child out of the well?”

The wise man smiled again and said: 

“It is possible that the minor child could pull bigger from the well.

The reason for this is simple: 

There were no people around telling him it was not possible!”

We are capable of a lot of more things when change …

IMPOSSIBLE into the I'M POSSIBLE game and not listen 

…to naysayers putting their limitations on you.

Confidence is an important quality both for men and woman 

that makes all the difference.

With that being said, I created a small, powerful journaling meditation.

It can boost confidence for big and small achievements by doing this meditation in your journal for just a few minutes a day.

It is available here:  

Grab it, and let me know how it helps you.


I recommend you check the meditation by following this link: simple journaling meditation 

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