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Big difference between desire and wanting

Let’s look on a thin but profound difference between desiring and wanting…

Most people don’t understend it and by the end of this video you will know this importent distinction that will influence you thinking and success…


So some people don’t achieve their dreams because they don’t desire them badly enough.

Hear is a great story about this…

One boy was seeking to become a martial arts disciple. 

He came to a master, but the master told him to return in 30 days.

The boy returned.

Then the master asks him to return in 30 days. 

Lastly, once the boy returned, the master took him to the river.

Then the master pushed the boy underwater until the poor boy was half powerless and could not breathe. 

Master took him from under the water and asked what the boy wanted the most.

And the boy replied, "I wanted to breathe." 

The lesson? 

Master taught the boy that when you desire something as much as you desire to breathe, you will achieve it…


Now when you saw how desire works lets talk a bit a bout wanting…


Wanting is always works from the place of lack…

It is like there is some hole, absence inside of a perosn and he tries to fullfill it…

And that is a not great place to be in…


Thats why wanting too strongly is one of the biggest reasons many creators and entrepreneurs don’t achieve their goals

They simply wanting to strongly and are not desiring and have intention to have that somethimng…

So when pursuing our goals, we often desire something to strongly.

However, the more we want something, the harder it becomes to get it.

This is because our conscious minds start to interfere and try to do the work of the subconscious mind. 

It's like imagine that instead of automatically eating, you turn into a child and have to relearn how to hold a spoon and how to chew.

Similarly, instead of giving the subconscious mind the possibility to figure out how to best solve the problem and come up with ideas, we rely solely on the 10% power of the conscious mind, not allowing the remaining 90% of subconscious power to do the work for us.

So instead tranform wanting in desiring ….

It is like in that story…

The guy desired to breath…

He was not thinking about breathing, it was not a wishfull thinking…

It was his intent to do it because it was his right…



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