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8 Journaling Prompts for Anxiety Relief | Journaling for Mental Health

In this post, I will share the prompts and questions I ask myself in a journal to help me fight anxiety.

This habit helps transfer the energy of worrying and overthinking into movement and doing the things at hand.

Before moving to prompts, it's important to say that anxiety is a regular thing.

I also have anxiety when I create videos, when I write texts, or when I program. 

As I have it, a lot of people have anxiety too. 

But all the difference lies in how we cope with stress. 

There are different ways people react and deal with anxiety. 

If we don't cope with anxiety properly, it can block our productivity.

It can stop us from pushing forward, creating results, and being healthy. 

It's also important to note that anxiety appears when we go outside our comfort zone. 

If we want something to achieve in our life, we certainly need to go outside of our comfort zone.

Simply because everything that we want in life lives beyond our comfort zone.

And when we go outside of it - usually anxiety and worries rise.

Our task with journaling tools and questions is to think about how we can make stress our friend.

Our task is to develop ideas to make them work for us instead of against us. 

And in fact, mother nature created anxiety to work in this way for purpose.

Because it triggers worrying in our nervous system that helps us cope with problems and difficulties in our environment and pushes us forward.

So let's discover how we can convert anxiety and worries into movement, energy, and a productive state.

So the first anti-anxiety question that I wrote in my journal is this:


Write a detailed list of things that worry your mind. 

Pay attention to your anxiety levels after finishing writing.

Stop writing when nothing else comes into your mind.

I'm a little bit not comfortable sharing them…

But anyway, here are my answers:


When do I build my family, and where to find my partner for a successful marriage?
How to constantly be in a productive state and be in a creative mindset to produce top results?
How to get to desired results faster and with fewer mistakes…?


So your task in using this prompt is to dump everything overwhelming in your mind.

All the worries that make you not productive, stuck, and those that make you stressed.


Great, let's move to the next journal question.

And it sounds like this:


Remember past situations when you were successful despite being anxious.

How did I manage to achieve positive results, and why?


So my answer is simple:


When writing my first small book, I felt intense anxiety that so much work was to be done that it made me depressed. 

I concentrated on things I could control and skipped stuff I couldn't.

In this way, I got into the zone of influence from the area of no control. 

And I decided to constantly write something every day.

And what is your answer to this question? 

Just remember the past situation when you were successful despite being anxious and how you worked through this. 

It's an excellent question to ask yourself…

We often forget about our strengths and that we already had similar situations in the past and fought the same battles successfully.

A scary anxiety "hydra" was trying to attack us from all sides.

It was trying to make us stop doing what we like to do.

But we fought it, and now armed with all this knowledge, you can fight it again.

And by the way, if you want to download all the questions, I am talking about in this post for anti-anxiety... 

Then you can easily download them for free below.

Also, it includes two bonus questions for anti-anxiety that are not part of this post.

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