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only now

I genuinely believe that the past should not determine our future...

If you pay attention to our thoughts, you will see that we have thoughts happening only NOW.
I mean, in the present time...

Why is this important?

Because there are no past thoughts.
When we think about something, it is only happening now.

Not in the future, not in the past....
This leads to the simple conclusion that we can control our thoughts now,

wherever they come from, whether they are current, past, or future.

Often, future thoughts are negative and create anxiety when we worry that future events will not unfold in a good way.

It is the same about past thoughts: remembering past experiences, relieving them, and generating emotions in the present now...

You will see who is in control of this process really, once you think deeply about this concept...

You can select what thoughts to have now and,

in this way, create your now, your future, and your past (when this moment will become the past moment).

So basically, there is nothing else, only now...

I didn't come up with this concept, but what is essential is a profound realization of this.

Because when you do, a whole new level of life experience unfolds before you, and life becomes more joyful and fun.


This concept is both easy to use and easy not to use...

But as with daily eating or bathing,

it requires daily reminders of what all we have is now, and life is not happening anywhere else.

And remembering WHO selects what thoughts to focus on...

To your peace of mind, Alex.

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