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How to Start Journaling - A Beginner's Guide

I prepared something interesting for you...

Master Journaling Habit For Better Thinking and Self-mastery.

This beginner's training will show you how to start journaling from 0 and establish a journaling habit Using 1 Month Thinking in a Journaling Challenge. 

I am Alex Zozovsky, a computer scientist and solopreneur.

I have been journaling for more than seven years and collected proven journaling exercises and methods that help me be an independent creative thinker and improve my life with just pen and paper. 

Journaling challenges my mindset and helps me face my most significant obstacles and detect blind spots that stop my progress.

It increases my daily productivity, concentration, and clarity on what matters.

It helps me to improve my overall happiness by regularly writing things down.

And I want it to do the same for you. 

During the journaling challenge, you will discover new ideas and perspectives from particular intelligent questions you will ask yourself daily.

And there are more than 50 questions in different categories I prepared for you. You only need 5-10 minutes a day to make it work. 


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By the end of this training, you will:

  • Understand what journaling can do for you
  • Decide what journal to use
  • Establish a journaling habit correctly
  • Organize and split your journal
  • Organize your journal's front and back cover pages
  • Discover the best time and environment to journal
  • Understand how much time you need to spend journaling
  • And ask yourself intelligent questions daily in a journal

This is the right course for you if you don't want to rely only on external sources of information like books or other people but want to tap into a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that you already have inside of you. 

If you want to establish a solid journaling habit that will help you on a path of self-mastery, then you will need a pen and notebook, a passion for self-discovery, and this guide.

So feel free to check out this guide description below… and I'll see you in the first lesson! 


Try this guide

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 I dive deep into the inner game of creators and entrepreneurs to help them with the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction. To accomplish this, I develop & teach the ThinkGym™ Journaling Method for decision-making, problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious, raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity, mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.

📫 New guides and articles in your inbox
Join thousands readers. You'll get new guides, videos and posts as soon as they're published.

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