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How To Organizing Front and Back Cover of Your Journal (For Creators and Entrepreneurs)

Organizing the Front and Back Cover of Your Journal

Now let's talk about the essential assets of your journal: the front and back cover. 

These two journal parts are always the easiest to access. 

You can leverage them and write them some critical stuff. 

Before going further, I need to make a revelation here that I do most of my writing in a journal using a pencil, not a pen. 

Specifically, I use Pilot Super Grip pencils with replaceable leads and 0.7 thickness. 

I first started doing this because I wanted something that had a permanent thickness of lines and style. 


It is also convenient to erase what you wrote or correct it. 

And using a pencil is especially useful for the front and back cover because you can change some things there during the lifetime of a journal. 

But again, it is your journal, so feel free to use whatever pens you like. 


Let's start from the back side of a journal

I usually write some wise quotes or facts I like the most.

Something that makes me think about life differently or motivates me to grow. 

For example, here are some of the quotes: 

  • "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones," ― said Confucius. 
  • Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable.
  • Change: "When things happen, I'll be happy" to "When I'm happy, things will happen for me."



You can intentionally keep a few last pages for the quotes or insights you will collect while keeping your journal.

Now let's talk about the front cover. 


The first things I put on the front cover are the year and date my journal was started, my phone number, and my name. 

I do this in case somebody finds my journal. 



Then on the front cover, I usually put my beliefs, goals, and "whys" or mottos. 

And it is hugely important because you can see these things every time you open your journal. 

This will help you to inject those concepts into your subconscious deeply. 

It will help you feel more connected to your core self and get to your dreams more easily. 


Here are simple definitions of what these entries on the front cover mean and why they are so important:


  1. Your Goals - are your north stars, where you go, when you want to come there, and what results you want to achieve.
  2. Your Whys are profound reasons why you are going toward your goals. 

They guide you and push you forward in life.

  1. Your Beliefs - your core thoughts that you think are true that will help you to be better in your life, business, relationships, and performance.



I recommend leaving multiple pages empty (up to 4) at the start of your journal so you can put more of your beliefs, goals, and 'whys' if they appear later. 

You don't need to put all these things on the first day you start your journal. 

Instead, you can add entries on your temp as you go through business and life. 




The practical assignment is to take your journal and start filling your front and back covers with essential things like quotes, goals, whys, and goals. 

You don't need to fill in all the space. 

Just write some parts you are ready to. 

Start with a few simple things.



  • Remember some quotes that motivate you or give you some insights. 

Find them online or remember someone who said them to you as a child. 

Then write 1 or 2 of them on the back of the back cover of your journal. 

  • Then ask yourself what the number one goal you want to achieve is. 

So important to you that if you reach it, everything else will be unnecessary or unnecessary to accomplish. 

Write this big goal on the back of the front cover of your journal. 

  • Write your motivation. 

To do this, ask yourself why you want to achieve this goal. What motivates you to achieve it? Find your real why and write it down on the front cover. 

This will help you to move forward when you don't want to or resist.  


I'll see you in the next lesson, where we will discuss the best environment for journaling.


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