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3 Stories You Need To Read Before Giving Up. You can be 3 Feet From Gold

How often do we give up when we are close to our goals?

When we are just three feet away from our purposes, we give up because we are emotionally down and feel bad… 

That's why I will share with you three essential lessons and three unique stories that I would be utterly different if somebody had shared with me 10 years ago. 

So read to the end to explore them for your benefit.  

The first story is from the unique and powerful book “Think and Grow Rich.”

A lot of famous and wealthy people read this book many times. 

And for example, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, read it 10 or more times. 

And he says that his fantastic success is because of reading this powerful book…

So back to the story. 

A gold digger read in one newspaper that there was a tremendous opportunity where he could go and dig and find a lot of gold near Northern California.

He went there, and he found that there was a little bit of gold there. 

He started digging and got a bit more gold… which was a good sign.

He went back to his family and said: “Excellent”! 

We will be billionaires!

He gathered money from this family to purchase equipment and used that equipment to dig for his gold. 

He returned to the gold mines he had discovered and started exploring them more carefully. 

He dug and dug, and he got more and more gold.

But the problem was that the next time he started digging… there was no gold. 

He was searching, and there was gold. 

Now there was no gold. 

He got into a nasty mood. 

In fact, he was absolutely depressed. 

He decided to give up. 

He went and saw a garbage collector, a man, a poor man that was collecting garbage around those gold mines…

He said to this junk man: “Do you want this equipment? I will sell it to you.” 

And the garbage collector said: “okay.”

And he sold his equipment for his gold mine digging for pennies to this garbage collector. 

But the garbage collector was a brilliant guy.

He decided to go to an expert, and he asked for his opinion on what he thought about this place for digging gold.

And the expert said: “you know what, there is an ample opportunity and that man who sold this equipment to you didn't know a critical fact about that place…

You need to dig a little bit from the right side, not where he was digging, but from the right side, because there is some seismic shift.”


So this poor man collecting garbage took this equipment and started digging where the expert told him to explore. 

And to his great amazement, he found that there were a lot of opportunities to collect gold there. 

He collected so much gold that he was just shocked. 

It was the biggest gold mine in the area. 

The first lesson you can extract from this story is that you can talk with some expert before completely giving up on your idea or dream.

But let's return to the young man who sold his equipment to this garbage man.

He was disappointed when he learned he had lost his opportunity, but he understood one important lesson.

And the lesson was that his desire for success and dreams can be transmuted into money and opportunity. 

He went to the insurance business and started his new career, and he learned a vital lesson that now he will not give up when he's three feet away from GOLD.

So that's why he decided that whenever somebody complains and doesn't want to buy insurance from him, he will say to his mind:

“I will not give up. I will not stop before I sell insurance to this man.” 

And in fact, thanks to this hard-earned lesson, he has become the most successful insurance man in the area.

That's why the main takeaway from this story is before giving up, try different approaches. 

Don't stop where you are right now. 

When things go south.

When they don't go as you wish and take longer for you to accomplish … don't


Try different approaches. 

Try different ways of achieving your goal.

That's why, for example, if you ask a business owner closing his business if he tried all the approaches…

And he says: “yes, of course, I tried everything that I could try,”

Then, in reality, if you dig into his methods of achieving his goals. 

You will see that he didn't try all the approaches. 

There were a lot of things that he didn't try…

He just gives up in his head.

As Vince Lombardi famously said: “once you give up, you continue giving up.”

It's like a habit. 

You establish a routine this way. 

The more you give up - the more you give up. 


Second story

Now let's move to the next story. 

And the following story is about me.

It's my personal story.

10 years ago, maybe it was like 12 years ago, I created a piece of software for a future social network. 

Its name was JoinOs. And the features of these applications were terrific because they had a chat, photo sharing, your files, group chats, and so on. 

And it was years before Facebook had a lot of features. 

Before Instagram was born.

Before WhatsApp, before a lot of things.

The only problem I had is I was a terrible marketer. 

And I didn't have a clue how to do marketing. 

I was an engineer. 

I didn't have a clue how to attract people there.

So I was in depression because I wrote this piece of software, which was great. 

And it was functionally excellent. 

And all my friends told me: “Wow! We didn't see this anywhere”. 

So I tried to push it outside and market it. 

I was given ads in the local newspaper, but I failed this task.

And I was depressed, and I was down.

I decided to get some help. 

So a friend of a friend introduced me to one very cool guy that was a successful businessman. 

And I asked for his advice, what he thought about this application and what if he could help me. 

So we gathered in a restaurant.

We sat down, and he looked at this application in my notebook.

He called one of his friends and asked for his advice about this application.

And at the end of the meeting, he said this application has no sense. 

Can you believe it???

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I worked on it for a year and trusted my intuition, my gut, and everything that it would be successful. 

And now this successful guy, a successful businessman that was my last hope, said to me that it is a complete failure. 

But think about this, this told only one person. 

The problem was I trusted this person, and I believed him. 

So the first lesson from here is that it is important from where you are getting advice and don't listen to naysayers when they say your dream is impossible.

Listen, you can't fail if you don't quit. 

And the second lesson you need to understand, and I know very well now, is that if you really trust in what you are doing, you need to hold your two hands on this thing and believe in yourself that you actually can do this. 

When faced with struggles and difficulties, an immature person thinks it's time to give up. No, it's time to absolutely do the opposite thing.

The mature mind is prepared for a battle. 


He knows that when things go down and south, he equips himself with the strengths and pushes forward. 

There can be some situations when the road is really not proper or not correct. 

Then you change your direction.

But in reality, if this is the right direction and somebody says, some naysayer says that it is the wrong direction, it's time to equip your character with all your strengths and do the opposite.

Anyway, you need to listen to your mind, to your gut, to your rationality, and think if you need to push forward or not. 

Don't quit fast. 

Something worthy to you when you don't see results immediately.

Just move forward, and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

A good quote goes like this:

“If I quit now, I will soon return to where I started. And when I started, I desperately wished to be where I am.”

So an important takeaway I want you to know about this story is that I don't blame this person.

It is because I believed I would not succeed with that project. 

And I only was looking for external validations that it will not be successful…


The Third Story

So now, let's move to the third story. 

And it is fantastic. 

That's why I left it to the end. 

It's about one young guy who came to a millionaire for advice because he was feeling down.

The projects he was doing right now were not successful. 

And he thought he was “not good enough.”

So he came to this person to get some advice. 

That rich person did a straightforward thing. 

He said, you see this money in my hand? 

And he was holding a 100$ bill.

This young guy said.

And this millionaire asked him:

“So, you want this money?”

And guy says, of course, I want this money. 

Why not? I like this money. 

“Do you really want it?” - asked millioner.

Yes, I really like it because it's real money. I can buy something, some food for it or something else. 

Then a millionaire made something exciting. 

He said: “And now I will take this money. And smash it like this.”

And he smashed that bill in his hand.

“Do you still want this money?” - he asked.

And a young man said: “Of course, I want this money.” 

Millionaire: “But why do you want this money? 

They are dirty right now. They are not like the same it was before. Why do you want them?”

“Because it doesn't matter if they are dirty or not, I can still purchase something for it,” - said the young man.

And the next thing this millionaire said was very cool. 

He took his money and said:

“Listen to me. If external circumstances are awful to you. 

Never let yourself feel down because of external circumstances, never, ever.

Like this money, they were good before they were smashed. 

They are still good after they become smashed.”

And continued: 

“Don't ever judge your internal words because of the external successes you get in life. 

Don't let temporary defeats dictate your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence in yourself.”

So the reason why I tell you this story is that a lot of people make decisions when they feel down when they feel defeated.

But this is the wrong approach.

And this story about the bill shows you that it is the wrong approach. 

You can't make significant decisions when you feel down.

Wait a little bit until the following day, and sleep with it. 

And maybe the following day, you will make your essential decision when you feel more energetic and powerful.

And by the way, this video post is sponsored by me. 

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