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What Journal to Use? - How To Choose a Journal For The Best Results For Creators and Entrepreneurs

How To Choose a Journal For The Best Results?

A lot of research tells about the many benefits of handwriting. 

When we write something down, we are most likely to remember it. 

We instantly use thinking, doing, and visual senses, increasing our cognitive and learning abilities.


I use a physical pen and paper for journaling. 

I am also taking notes and bookmarks digitally during the day. 

But I do the main journaling in a physical journal. 

You can also journal digitally on your tablet, especially if you have a stylus. 


Anyway, I discovered that a physical journal is the best tool for ThinkGym Journaling

Just a few reasons: it does not need to be charged constantly. 

It makes me unplug from constant notifications and shallow streams of information. 

In short, pen and paper help to do the main thing: concentrate on my thoughts and life.  


When I first started journaling years ago, I used simple school copybooks. 

I was not thinking about the importance of a place where I write. 

Instead, I focused on the ability to express my thoughts and organize my life using pen and paper. 

So if you are starting your journaling adventure, then making it your habit is more important than choosing the perfect journal to buy. 

So you can start with whatever you have.


Anyway, during my journaling experience, I realized a few important things regarding the medium for writing. 


1. The first one is that your journal should be comfortable for you to take wherever you go. And I want it to be as small and compact as I can. 

If it is too big and heavy and you want to go in nature with it and have more things to carry, then a tiny journal is the best option. 


2. Second, you need to like your journal so that you will write in it. 

If you want to write on lined paper, choose a journal with lined pages. 

You can select a checkered or blank-page notebook. 

It is all up to you to choose. 

Just select a journal that you will enjoy writing in. 


3. Third, I am no longer buying cheap copybooks for my journals. 

Only notebooks with high-quality paper and an elegant look and feel. 

It is an investment worth an extra few dollars. 

I discovered a psychological connection between the journal's quality and the writing I am doing in it. 

My subconscious says:

“Hey, Alex. It's time to open your thin, elegant journal and start putting your beautiful and elegant thoughts and ideas there”. 

A byproduct of investing money in a good journal is that you will more likely return to it repeatedly.

Why not invest 10-20$ in a good journal that you can use for at least half a year?

Currently, I use a thin sketchbook covered with leather-type material. 

I like its quality paper and ribbon that I can leave on the last page. 

This way, I can quickly return to the previous page after writing. 

This sketchbook also has a rubber band, which helps hold it together. 

Plus, I can put a pen between a rubber and a journal.  

I am talking about all these tiny details because they give me the additional joy of writing moments in such a journal! 



Remember that it is a book you are writing and can be the type you want and like. 

Pick something now to establish a journaling habit. 

Experiment with journaling; buy something else if you need something better next time. 




Before going to the next lesson, commit. 

Choose your journal from what notebooks you already have, or buy a new notebook that perfectly suits you. 

And in the next lesson, we will discuss splitting and organizing your journal.



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