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never loose hope

It is morning; I am lying in my bad; the sun has just risen, 

I don't hear a lot of cars outside, so social life will only get started in about an hour ...

My hands, almost on autopilot, grabbed my laptop, and here I am writing without much filtering of what 

I think it is very important for us:

To Not Loose Hope...

Because without hope for change, without the deep belief that in the end, all things will fall in the best way they can.

... without that, life loses its colors.

If right now robbers will open the door and take all my possessions, leaving me naked ...

... what I will not give them and what they will NOT get is my hope.

They will not take it from me; for them, it is invisible, and for me, this is a real treasure.

Even that situation will bring me to my destination of success and prosperity.

But that is a bit abstract...

How can you practically build the muscle of hope and belief in yourself and what you do?

Here are a few points:

  • Experiment: don't try to calculate every decision so that you definitely know what the outcome you will get from doing something. While others will overthink and try to make a perfect choice, you try a small test and see what will happen. Most of the time, we don't know what is behind the door. What we need to look for is if it is something we want, then we can open the door wider... if not .... well, close the door and open the next one with the same enthusiasm, belief, and hope. Many people will not open the door; more will get disappointed with what they see, so they stop opening the doors. So you know what to do: open as many doors as you can and look at what is behind them. The more you do it, the faster you will open the door, which will get you access to the big house with even more doors, but this time, those doors will have much more significant potential for you. 
  • Decide: Don't try to overthink those decisions. Take a small step, make a small decision, and correct the course if needed. This is kind of connected with the previous point about experimenting. You are standing before many doors, many options, and many possibilities. But to move forward, you need to be decisive. Without that, things will stay the same. The more decisions and faster you make them, the closer you are to what you want.
  • Don't attach to results. Enjoy the process, and be spontaneous. This is hard to do, but possible. Most of the people will try to force results in their life. I have been there and done that a lot of times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But looking back on my life, I see that the most happiness I had was not from the result and doing things in the right way, but when I was having fun doing that thing, whether it was successful or not. The reason to this is simple: the more fun you have doing something the more energy you have, the more enthusiasm, and the more doors you can open. 

I think what matters is not what challenges we overcome and results we get, but how much enthusiastic, joyful, hopefully, believing, and fun we had to do all that, this helps to move forward and have hope. 

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