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How to stop feeling sad and increase productivity using gratitude

When a person feels sad, creativity and perfomance decrease because of low energy.

It is especially true when things don't go as we want.

The solution is to raise mood deliberately.

It is easy to do using gratitude journaling.

Express your thoughts and feelings using handwriting and write gratitude.


The more you are thankful for the good things you have, the more good things you attract into your life.

Abundance thinking always wins compared to scarcity.

And gratitude journal writing is a powerful ritual of cultivating an abundance mindset.

Here is how to do this in 3 simple steps.

  • Set a goal to write about the same number of things you are grateful for daily. 
  • I recommend at least 3.
  • Do it 5-10 minutes before sleep, early morning, or when you feel it is good for you.
  • Write about various things you are grateful for, material and nonmaterial, relationships, events, experiences, abilities, and people.


Here are 7 more ways how to rise your mood to increase productivity and happiness.


1. Take a break from technology and walk in nature.

2. Listen to uplifting music.

3. Eat something healthy and raise your energy.

4. Try to relax: do deep breathing, take a hot shower

5. Do physical exercises for 15 minutes.

6. Talk with family and friends

7. Meditate or pray.


All this will raise your energy and mood and after doing some of these things there will be lots of gratitude to write about.


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