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How Does Journaling Help With Anxiety for Creators and Entrepreneurs?

When you focus all your attention on writing about your thoughts, it makes you slow down.

While writing, you can’t think about a few thoughts simultaneously.

Only one thing.

This brings you into the here and now at this moment.

You start looking at your thoughts more objectively, which calms you down.


This way, you start recognizing patterns in your thinking. 

You externalize overthinking into a paper, making your mind calmer and more organized.

From there, you can step on the way of thinking differently about events,

problems, and decisions.

After that, it is easier to make the required change if necessary. 


This brings us to 3 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling For Creators And Entrepreneurs…


First, It helps with quality thinking. 

Writing things down eliminates fuzzy thinking and overthinking.

As Leslie Lamport said, “If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking.” 


Second, It creates awareness. 

Writing down your feelings and thoughts about a difficult situation or problem helps to understand it better. 

It helps you to look at the same events from different angles and perspectives.

And this helps to make better decisions and solve problems effectively.


Third, it encourages discharge

Writing things down helps you not hold everything inside.

And this helps you to calm down and stay cool-headed.



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