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Truth about personal growth

Personal growth is NOT about consuming more self-help books and videos…

…it is about better thinking and performance.

What is thinking? 

- It is the ability of your mind to ask and answer questions for yourself.

And better performance? 

- It is applying new ideas and understanding of what you have learned from better thinking in real life.


It was proven by neuroscience and successful entrepreneurs …

… that journaling is a “secret” tool that makes all the difference…


The simple act of thinking in a journal…

…can help you solve the most complex problems in your personal 

and business growth journey and be an independent thinker.


It helps me, as well as it helped great geniuses like 

Leonardo Davinchi, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, 

Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, 

and countless others that were journaling…


Yet many people heard about journaling benefits, so they started…

…  but were not consistent, 

… or quit because they did not have proper guidance…


That's why I assembled everything I learned about starting and establishing a journaling habit for personal growth from my 9+ years of experience in a practical how-to ebook: 

“Easy Journaling.”

It is a 91-page step-by-step, easy-to-follow journaling guide…

… just 5-15 minutes a day is enough to make entries …

… and make a life-changing journaling habit work for you. 


In addition to the ebook, you will receive these gifts for free: 


🎁 Easy Journaling Audio-Book

🎁 Journaling Guide For Anxiety Relief

🎁 Negative Emotions Reframing Journaling Guide

🎁 Collection of an additional 200 topics and questions for journaling

🎁 Journaling Guide To Deal With Procrastination

🎁 Journaling Guide For Improving Self-Esteem


With this bundle, you will be armed with everything you need to establish a journaling habit for better thinking and performance = personal growth.

Get the Easy Journaling bundle here: 

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Hive by Alex Zozovsky is a Journaling Academy and Community For Personal Growth, Elite Performance, Mental + Emotional Thriving.
Hive members learn the best thinking tools for top performance and life satisfaction.
To accomplish this, they go through interactive online transformational experiences: quests, adventures, challenges, and guides.
Unlike books or usual courses, these trainings use NarrateLearning™ method (step-by-step narrative learning approach) to learn decision-making,
problem-solving, working with intuition and subconscious,
raising self-esteem and confidence, managing emotional well-being, idea generation, creativity,
mental toughness, and working with beliefs to improve their mindset and performance.

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Join thousands readers. You'll get new guides, videos and posts as soon as they're published.

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