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How to stop reacting negatively, get more peace of mind and understand yourself better using 5 steps emotional reframing exercise in your journal - ThinkGym Journaling Method by Alex Zozovsky

This simple exercise helped me and others to understand themselves better, sleep better, eliminate anxiety, and develop self-awareness.

Reflect on when you were stressed, reacted negatively to someone else, or were overthinking.

You can take some events from Your Life Road exercise.  

For example, some time ago in the evening, I was sitting in my rented apartment when somebody knocked on my door.

I opened it and saw my landlord with a worried face.

He said he would significantly raise the rent price without hesitation.

I felt an immediate adverse emotional reaction because I would use my extra money for more important things than paying for higher rent.

So I said something out of my emotional state and closed the door behind his nose.

Here I how I worked through this event that happened to me in my journal later on.

It has 5 stages: Situation, Why, Benefit, Limiting belief, and Lesson.

You can divide the page of your journal into 5 horizontal parts or write each step under the other vertically.

In the "Situation" section, write about the situation that happened to you.

In my case: I got angry with my landlord when he unexpectedly decided to raise the price, and I said something to him that I would not say otherwise.
Why. Ask yourself questions to uncover more details about the situation:

Why did this happen to me?

Why did the other person behave in such a way with me?

Why did I behave in such a way? 

Using these questions, try to look at yourself and other people from different perspectives and understand what is happening.

My answer: It occurred to me because I want to always be in control and for the world to work the way I want it to.

Most likely, my landlord behaved this way because he had a newborn child not long ago and now he needs more money to feed his family… 

One of the ways to do it for him is to raise the price of an apartment.

I replied angrily to him because I was unprepared for this event and forgot that life could be unpredictable.
Benefit. In everything that happens to us, we can find something positive.

In my case: First:

I could move to the other apartment for the same price or slightly higher but with better conditions. Second: It reminded me that only one thing is constant and change. 

Third: I need to be less emotional when life fails.
Limiting belief.

Write about your limiting beliefs that these situations showed to you:

1) Everything needs to be static - change is not good;

2) I need hardly protect the current state of things, and there are no better options;

3) Unexpected things happening to me are potential threats.
Lesson. Make a summary of your learning experience for your future reference:  

Everything is temporary, and everything that happens is happening for the better (because I moved to a much better apartment for almost the same price).

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