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How to stay strong and confident


A tired bird was flying back home to feed her small nestlings…

… half a road, she saw an old tree and decided to rest a bit before the next flight.

She enjoyed some rest, thought a bit about her small children, 

… peacefully looked at beautiful nature.

But the weather got very windy…

The wind was so strong that a tree started to shake like grass…

At any moment, the branch could break…

But the bird was sitting calmly on a branch…


She knew 3 essential things.

The first is that she knows where she flies…

The second is that even if the brunch will break …

… she can quickly fly to the next branch of a tree.

And the third thing was clear to a bird that she could easily use 

the power of her 2 wings and fly wherever she wanted…

…even if the tree goes entirely down.

Same as this bird, we can fly a long way,

… withstand winds and storms, 

Fly to our dream futures no matter what happens on the road.

While trees and branches can be temporary securities…

… we can always use our 2 wings to fly again.

There is only one thing needed …

You believe in yourself.

When you are confident in your abilities to perform…

… no matter what other people say, 

… no matter what was in the past,

… no matter what is happening around 

Then you can achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

As they say: “fortune favors the brave”…

With that being said, I created a small, powerful journaling meditation… 

…that can help you to boost confidence for big and small achievements 

…by just following meditation for a few minutes a day.

It works based on a simple principle: 

By changing internal dialog and thoughts, you can boost your confidence.

You can start your meditation here:  


This is your opportunity to boost your confidence using simple journaling meditation 


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