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What is the Best Environment For Journaling (For Creators and Entrepreneurs)?

What is the Best Environment For Journaling? 

I want you to realize that a journaling habit can facilitate recreation and rejuvenation periods in your day-to-day life

And here is how. We live in an information overload age. 

The world goes crazy with all the events, advertising, wars, and stress. 

We are constantly bombarded with new messages. 

That's why most successful people find some time during the day when they can close inputs and open their output. 

The time when they can enter a zone of their thinking instead of receiving thoughts from the external world. 


This is a time for them to generate ideas about their lives, goals, and challenges they are faced with. 

And the best way to do it is to think in a journal regularly. 

The ability to unplug from external noise and invest your particular attention in designing your dream life is a golden and rare skill nowadays. 


You can journal at your work desk if you enjoy it. 

But psychological research and studies show that the best ideas, creativity, and inspiration come in unusual environments. 

Not in the same places where you spend most of your waking hours. 

Here is why. 

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When you are in a usual place, you have your specific identity attached to this place. 

This makes everyday thoughts come up in this environment. 

Same perspective, same patterns. 

Suppose you want to change how you look at a problem, set a big goal, or find some solutions. In that case, I recommend you take your journal and go to the environment that triggers your elevated consciousness. 

For some, it can be in nature: near the water or forest. 

For others, it can be a coffee table in a crowded restaurant or a comfortable armchair on the balcony. 

What is important is that these places should help trigger your peak states. 

I was listening to good inspiring music while journaling can help you too. 



Your high state is essential. 

Because the state in which you set your goals and create your plans or even think about them sets a positive trajectory in which you will manifest your dreams in reality. 


I try to journal in quiet places in nature. 

This environment triggers my creativity. 

Your best spots can also be in nature or the comfort of your car. 


I'll see you in the next step, where we will discuss the two best times for journaling.



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